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Hello. My name is PIPPY

In Loving Memory


April 23, 1987-February 15, 2001

I live with my Mom and Dad in ELk Grove VIllage, Illinois

  • I am a very important part of this family.
  • I am a short old girl, but quite adorable!
  • I have a lovely red coat, even though now it is a little grey
  • I have a lot of hard jobs, like keeping away bugs, burglars, and investigating all kinds of noises.
  • I am getting on in years, but I am still ME!
  • I love to sleep under the covers with my mom.
  • I am also blind, but I don't really care.
  • I am also on the Book Cover of the Blind Dog Story Book. I have a chapter in the book, along with lots of my blind dog friends.
  • I am a survivor of a very nasty disease, AIHA. I beat the odds and lived!!
  • I love to go fishing with my Mom and Dad, Mom can catch fish, Dad can't!
  • I was never neglected, until my mom got this computer. But that is ok, because now she gave me my own webpage.
  • My parents love me very much, and I love them, too.




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Sam J wrote:
I hope u rest in peace pippy! Love the site!
kev wrote:
your page really inspired me, before, I was worried about the prospect of cancer, homelessness and other poor elements of life.But now I have read about Pippy and everything is just dandy.
Richard Mancine wrote:
I am so sorry Pippy died. I don't know her but I would know how it would feel if my dachshund died his name is Pablo. I am so sorry may she rest in peace and have an enjoyable life in heaven God Bless her
Dilly and her owner Mandi wrote:
Mandi - Cool site. Dilly - BARK! Mandi - Dilly likes it too!
lucy wrote:
i have a doxie mini and her name is lucy she is realy cute just like yours
Kelly wrote:
Hey if you have any pictures of long-haired redish dachshunds i would love to see them if its Ok with you!! thinks!!
Paul wrote:
This is a cool site Pippy! Check out my site a http://www.pjrunko1.homestead.com I have pics of my Dachshund!
aro wrote:
You really are a cute one!
Tinkerbell wrote:
I think Pippy is adorable. I have a web page too. It's in Pepe's village also. Will you sign my guestbook?
Katherine wrote:
Pippy you are an excellent example for senior dogs.
Lisa wrote:
Dear Pippy You are really WONDERFUL!! Your parents really love you. I saw your other pages, and laughed my head off!! Love, Lisa
Sunshine wrote:
Pippy... I can see why your parents love you so much!!
daddy wrote:
Pippy, you are my favorite baby girl ! Your web page is an inspiration to all. you might be getting old , but who isn't!!! I might not catch as many fish as mom, but I have a good time trying!! Love DADDY!!
Sharon wrote:
Loved your pictures!! You are cute.
Pepe wrote:
Pippy would make a good girlfriend for me