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Frisbee Champ

Me and Georgio
Me and Georgio


Gracie, Georgio, and Wart
Gracie, Georgio, and Wart

The Fabulous Georgio
The Fabulous Georgio

My Mommy and Daddy
My Mommy and Daddy

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Ans wrote:
Never seen this site! But very good again!!
Ruthanne,Eboney and Sparkles wrote:
Wonderful site Bet.Beautiful pictures
faye Moxley wrote:
very nice enjoyed my stay.Im the proud mom of 3 minature poodles.I love them very much!

Julie and the TAWAJ crew from Ohio wrote:
Great Page Bet! You do wonderful work!
Carole Staebler wrote:
When Sab hears the barking, she has to come and see what is going on. You do such creative things. Nice pics, too.
Marna McAferty wrote:
Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.
Martha Vera (and the poodle six plus one) wrote:
That is really, really neat! I missed the talking at first because I had to leave the room. When I came back I heard a voice. Imagine my suprise when I realized it was a talking dog!
Beth Harris wrote:
Beautiful page Bet!!!!!!!! Love it.
Pepe wrote:
Ah, another talking dog. Hi