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After a 2-year battle to save Cindy's sight from Glaucoma, she has finally gone blind after getting diabetes and a huge cataract on her only good eye.
Now we are both learning to find a new way to get around.
At first I didn't know if Cindy's life would still be worth living for I could only imagine how I'd feel being in the dark.
Yet, with much love and hugs, Cindy seems happy though somewhat confused.
I know it takes more out of me because I feel I have to watch her every movement.
We moved into our new house about a year ago and Cindy has learned to negotiate the stairs.
I'm grateful for the time she had her sight so that she could learn her way around this house! Because I have a bad back it is very difficult for me to lift & carry her upstairs and Cindy has worked hard to not put that burden on me.

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She has the stairs numbered in her mind.
She hops up the first 8 with me coming right behind her.
Sometimes I hold my hands at her tail just so she feels the assurance of me behind her.
She is so brave! Then she turns on the half way landing and hops up the other 8 steps to the top.
I keep an ironing board as a barrier at the top once we are up there.
Cindy is way too afraid to try to go down the stairs so I do carry her down but I'm grateful she will still climb.
I praise her and always give her a treat when we arrive at the top

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Anne wrote:
What a cutie