Hug-Me Boston Rescues (and Stephen)

Axel-3 months after blindness. "Happy with Halo"

Corky no eyes (now at the Bridge)

Buster & Lucky (handicapped)

More Buster pictures, assisted by Stephen
Buster studies a GameBoy (the green thing, not Stephen)
Every bit of assistance is appreciated
My vet, Dr. S. Hill, has given me the technicial name for Buster's problem. It is "Cerebellar Hypoplasia". Of course Buster thinks he is normal! With the odds against him ever getting up at all, he did. His breeder only left him here as she knows I would never put him to sleep, and he is a large amount of care and time. He would need someone who is home all the time, who would wipe him off if he did his business and fell in it. My vet thinks if he continues to train himself how to get around and get up off the floor/ground that he will keep improving. He will always have a problem, but he is happy and very loved from birth

Bunny (now at the Bridge) who was blind and had a bad heart

Old Poopsie- Pa.HS rescue/lone survivor

Grandson Stephen with Veranda the deaf whippet

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Holly wrote:
i think you all are good with pets and could you pup baha men song who let the dogs out
jennie Bodden wrote:
good site. would like to join your group. please e-mail details to thank you

carolrudisill@ wrote:
I love dogs all kinds. I have 4 soonto have 5

Bobbi Jo wrote:
i loved your page, i am looking to adopt a boston, if anyone can help



Mike wrote:
I love boston terriers - they're the sweetest & most adorable dogs in the world.
Jim Mc Colligan wrote:
great page kathy, our merkin is doin great and getting a ton of love
Elias wrote:
You almost make me want to get another playmate! But the one I have now is a handfull!
Sal wrote:
Nice site. I love Axel
Suzanne, David and Archie wrote:
Keep up the good work Kathy!!! We're proud of you!!!! Archie sends his love to his sister Daisy!!
Chip, your Pembroke Welsh Corgi buddy wrote:
Woof Woof.. we liked your website. Glad we got to meet your family!
John R. and Helen wrote:
Good Luck Cousin - keep up the good work with the dogs. God Bless!!
Stephen wrote:
Thanks everyone for looking at me and the dogs.
K. Jones wrote:
I hear that cats are welcome. Great page sis!
Rachel, Tony, & Michael Stoyanov wrote:
Cute page, Kathy!!! : )
Andrea Eldredge wrote:
Thank goodness for Dave, the photos and story are just great... I finally know Buster (and of course the rest of the gang)... Keep the photos coming... Andrea
Ninaa and Sasha wrote:
Lovely little firkids
Debbie Hodge wrote:
HI I have a disable child and a Golden Retiver with only 3 paws..what a pair I'm glad I choose Life for the sake of both my boys
Debra Rowlands wrote:
What a special person you are to help these babies reach their full potential. God bless you!!
Regina wrote:
I am so proud of you. The site is wonderful and the work you do to help our little 4 legged brothers and sisters is remarkable. Remember my dream; it's going to come true for both of us. Love and Blessiings always.
Anna Stewart wrote:
Very cool idea! the Halo collar is great! Love the name Veranda for a "couch rocket" whippet.
Catherine wrote:
Bunny and Corky are now joyfully united with their child all playing a wonderful and eciting game of bridge wrote:
I like your page . I have a bt. 13 mo old.the last one died at 11 mo, kidney problems
Sandra and Usta wrote:
Beautiful and very special babies all. Thanks for the pictures - they helped Usta and I both a lot.
C. Marable wrote:
I am happy to see other blind dogs leading happy lives.
Barbara wrote:
Kate, Good one! Congradulations!!!
Aileen Peaco-Burkett wrote:
I really enjoyed the pictures. I'm so glad you have taken in these babies. You can tell they are all loved.
merr and penny wrote:
I enjoyed your page. Though it's sad it is wonderful that you had taken in the handicap special BT's
Peggy Golden wrote:
Your rescue work is very impressive and heart warming. Thanks for sharing.
Bonnie, Gidget & Cookie wrote:
Love your page. Gidget wants to know what Veranda has on her head. Is this the latest fashion???
Pam, Daisy, Symi & Dougal wrote:
Congratulations. I'm sure if Daisy could see Axel it would be love at first sight :):)
Helen Harrison wrote:
I love your web page, what would the blind dogs do without a hoop and harness?
Pam, Daisy, Symi & Dougal wrote:
Congratulations, I just adore Axel. He's so handsome. Good job Daisy can't see him :):)
Sunshine wrote:
How Cute!!!!!!!
Edna Swift wrote:
This is a really neat page.-- Especially with little Axel as the first up!! Love that boy.
Helen Gregory and ANgel wrote:
Great start on your pages. Dogs are cute as is your son (I Think son?)
Andrea and the gang wrote:
This is just great, I am jealous (just joking) You have passed me up in the computer know how, Andrea
Peggy & KD wrote:
Very cute dogs (and kid). Will look again later for the words.
Jenney Vinnick-Gould wrote:
Congrats! Fun doing web pages isn't it? Your doggies are just too cute! BEST WISHES!