Dog Day Afternoon - Daisy, Symi & Dougal

Hey Dougal, whats Symi trying to tell us

Come on, I want to play

You can't catch me

Where are you Symi ?

Come in, the water is great

Yea, its is kinda cool

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Clara Betty Deese wrote:
I think your pages are very well done. I used to have a black poodle many many years ago and when it was little, I carried it around like a baby, it was so little. I still miss her. Now I have a female Dachound, named Cocoa and a Calico Cat named Miss Kitty.
Betty wrote:
Love this page
Katherine Stefanko wrote:
Isn't life grand?? Live a long life,Daisy, flower of doG.
Peggy & KD wrote:
Dosen't the grass look green. Plenty of sniffs for Daisy Symi and Dougal. Definately a good way to recouperate Pam
Garry & Bj wrote:
All I have to say is Daisy, Doogal, you take a good photgraph, but aren't we all lucky there is no sound with Symi around?
Gaye Nayton wrote:
See you guys down the river soon Love Gaye and Mr Wookie
Pepe and Bruce wrote:
That water looks fun in Ozzie. Can we come and play there with you? Love from Pepe & Bruce