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craig wrote:
hi kim you look like a real sweetheart but you also look real sad? just keep your head up baby girl it has to get better
Nathan wrote:
Kim why do you look so sad. Is it your boyfriend or is it because you don't have one. can I kiss you. If no here is a wey sloppy kiss to make you feel better
Hklaatu wrote:
Whats up?
bryan wrote:
kim great legs!
B wrote:
you look pretty sad kim what gives
kerry wrote:
your ausome
Hector wrote:
youre a good looking girl.BUt what else is this site
Mitchel Jakob wrote:
your hot my e-mail is e-mail me and we can chat
hey kim wrote:
Hey uve changed since that picture, :):) koool, cyaz soooon x
Rick wrote:
your dead patrick
Rick+Mitch wrote:
Nice music + Rick still aint talkin to u
patrick(stiffy) wrote:
u still a hot babe!
Darren wrote:
hey every1! sorry dunno wot 2 write so bye! lol!
Andy Dolan! wrote:
I love Kim, but the music sux. not bad tho (Did u do it urself Kim?? Prob not)
Sarah Cullen wrote:
Hi ya Kim, Its sarah i just wanted to say that i am very impressed wiv ur site its much betta than wot i could do! ne way c U's later at school.