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Wally and the Crew.  

Checking out digs
Checking out the digs

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Wally playing

Super Heros
A pait of super hero's

What a lip smacker
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Little Bit's Mom (Arlene) wrote:
What an awesome looking family! To see such love in their eyes. I'm so glad they let you live there! Tell me. Have they nominated you for Mother of the Year Award yet? If not, tell them to get scratchin. You deserve it!!!
Sandra Cannon wrote:
What a cute bunch of doggies. Is Wally a Yorkie?
Trish Wilson wrote:
Wally is a doll.
Hi, Andrea here again... wrote:
It means so much to me when someone takes the time to just give a "proud parent" a kind word...Wally is really a sport and I am SURE one of a kind as far as Wally's go...
Teri Flores (Kayto's mom) wrote:
When you say Wally and the CREW boy were you telling the truth..You have a beautiful family, I only wish my husband would let mine get larger, we have stopped at 2 but Im still working on it although there is not much more room in our bed!!!!!
Dawn McKenna wrote:
Much blessing and luck with the future of this organization. Nancy I admire you so much for following your heart and helping these animals. If the rest of this world could be as caring as you the world would be a better place. Hope to see you and all your kids soon!!!
Rebecca Hunt wrote:
My, what a crew you have! Wally is v. cute.
Dawn wrote:
What a great little family.
Andrea Eldredge wrote:
Nancy, I just love that Wally....He is as silly looking (I mean that in a nice way) as my Melanie....I have not figured out yet what she IS
Debbie (Stevie's Mom) wrote:
Great Site Nancy!!!! Good job on this. How did you get them all to sit on the bed so nicely???
Lisa Larson wrote:
Very Cute.
Lauren Collier wrote:
way too cute for words!!!!! can i take him home:)
SF Pat&gang wrote:
Love the bed picture. Thats the way I like mine to look
Christine, Pluto, Beezle & Sullivan wrote:
What an adorable gang!
Chris Desmedt wrote:
Hi Nancy, great gang you have! Weare sharing the bed with 2 dogs and 3 cats, you're doing even better. Hugs, Chris (Belgium), epi golden girl Branco, mini schnauzer Tara, Persian Bonnie and her daughters Kiki & Sloeber.
joyce the human and alex the wonder dog wrote:
dear nancy, since alex likes to sleep in MY bed, i'm happy to know there are a lot more who are allowed their furchildren to do that also. smiles and woofs
SF Pat&gang wrote:
Great pictures... but its dated 1/6/04???
Cyndi wrote:
Wally is such a cuttie!!!
Joanie & Julie wrote:
We not only love Wally and the Crew, we love you and your Crew as well. Nancy, you're the best!
Sonya wrote:
You're a lucky mom
Meredith wrote:
love the superheros!
Jom wrote:
very warm crew and cute, cuty Wally! love your pics
sara wrote:
He looks great. wally and the crew look beautiful. You saved him and them. they are lucky to have you as a mom.
Andrea wrote:
I just love your pictures.... Wally is ugly and cute , og course
Lynda Holyst /Blondwizbiz@gateway.net wrote:
Nancy,how can I do this with my Hollywood and crew?
Valerie Horowitz wrote:
How adoggable ... just too much for the heart!
Edna Swift wrote:
Nancy, that's one of the sweetest little 'crews' I have ever seen.
peri sedigh wrote:
that little Wally is too cute!!
peri sedigh wrote:
that little Wally is too cute!!
Gilda, Zook (SARDS) and Maxwell wrote:


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