Paintings from My Heart
by Helen Harrison

"Nothing is painted without having touched my heart and for a reason.  All animal subjects are real and very loved.
Other things are done out of love and as a "Happy" for someone."

The portrait of my dear King Arthur

This is King Arthur's mama Sparkle

Here is our other dog Tres-Seay, she is a Miniature Fox Terrier

She is "my husband's dog"

This is a fantasy picture, Tres-Seay was a baby in 1997, while my horse Phala was from 1969

This is Frito Hara

This brings back my favorite memories

This is Sugar Bear

In loving Memory March 1, 1988 to August 21, 2000

This is Sir Tor, King Arthur's brother

This is Bruce from the UK

And his brother Pepe

and his other brother Shortie with his mistress Kim

This is Pepper from Florida

Here is Dixie

Here is Bourbon (Alabama)

This is Pam from Australia's dogs
Daisy (centre), Dougal (left), and Symi (right)

This is Pam's Saba
saba.jpg (13952 bytes)

Here is Sadie's Sammy (Georgia)


zeus1.JPG (19067 bytes)
Tiger and Zeus          

This Micro, my own Lord Simba's father from Canada

This is JoJo    and Rusty

My Babies (Georgia)

     To: Pat from Sadie's heart "Merry Christmas" 

Baby Tesha


Lord Simba

Happy (Alabama)

Below are some of my pencil sketches

Tinsley (Alabama)

Gracie (Wyoming)


Kelo (Mississippi)


 Ans's Bow and Gentle of the Netherlands


 Bogie (New York)


 Tres-Seay done in an etching with a watercolor overlay

All Paintings and drawings were done from photos of actual dogs. My paintings are now in several countries and hopefully being enjoyed by their owners.  At this time I am only doing sketches by special order.  

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