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Queenie - my page

I am only 8 weeks old, but taking the boys toys is easy
Is this food?

Can I have that?
Bruce wont miss that

It appears I can
mmmm, tasty

This is more my size
This is nice

I am Queen of the Kong's
Whats inside?

Time for relaxing
lets slow down now

Time now for a nap
Peace at last

I am dog tired, night night
Dreaming of toys?

No sign of Pepe, because he is scared of me
It is so tiring looking after the boys

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Elise Kearns + Annie, Katie, Truffle, Gideon, Charity & Winston wrote:
I signed a previous pg. Can't remember which one! Yr. dogs are so cute. I love the last one of Queenie w/ her pacifier! Yr. site is very attractive & shows a lot of love. We live in NW Oregon, 75 mi. SW of Portland. There are many JRT's here, also. I hv. a "doggie" friend who breeds them & went to Westminster this yr. w/ one of her champions. Hv. fun w/ yr. family, inc. the little "hairy" kids.
Kim wrote:
she is a lovely girl, why isnt she as popular as shortie?

ashlyn wrote:
where dose Queenie live e-mail the anwser to lovin_bugg@hotmail.com
kim mays wrote:
i like the pictures they are cute
Cheryl Stanford wrote:
What a doll, I'm in love!
Donna L. Deter wrote:
You are adorable, Queenie!!
Casey. Monty and their Mommy wrote:
Queenie, you are unbelievably adorable!!
Lois McCracken wrote:
What a cutie!
Ronnie Herig wrote:
Queenie is beautiful. Seeing her makes me want to get another pup!
Carole, Wilhelmina (SARDs) & Roxanne wrote:
Many many healthy happy years with your new puppy. Long live the Queen(ie)!!
Brianna.... and the 13 dog crew wrote:
What a little doll, you are very lucky to have a little puppy running around the house, my "puppies" are over a year now! Enjoy her while she's little!
Teresa, Rambo & Angel wrote:
Your new baby is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing her with me.
Bonnie & Gidget & Cookie wrote:
Such a cutie! It's easy to see who is queen in your house!
jean mccann wrote:
Queenie is way too cute, I can see why she has her way with the boys. Don't tell me she knows how to use the soother.
Patti Reese wrote:
Qeenie is adorable! Nice addition to the family ... thanks for sharing.
Helen Harrison wrote:
Well, looks like your family is growing as fast as mine!!!!! She is darling.
Raparellis wrote:
She is adorable!!!!
Pam and the Three Amigos wrote:
She really is Queen of the Kongs. The boys better watch out.
Tracie wrote:
You have a beautiful gang!!
AnnaMarie wrote:
Truly adorabl!! Best of lucks, kisses to Queenie!
Patricia wrote:
what a beautiful baby!


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