Pepe and Girls with blind dog shirt

Kim is wearing the shirt, Gabi is next to her


Gabi has her best smile on, so has Pepe

If you would like to to get one of these T-shirts Click Here

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Ernisle wrote:
Sweeeeeeeeettttttttttt, I don't know how I came here, but hey it's sweet!

Cathy Porter wrote:
I bought a t-shirt as soon as I found the blinddog list. I love it! I've found out many other folks have blind dogs too. Kim and Gabi are so beautiful! Kim was being a good sport about dad taking her picture too. :D
Pam Hunt wrote:
Gabie looks a lot better in the T shirt than I do :):) But I wear it with pride.
Lois McCracken wrote:
I ENJOY your web site, and I am also enjoying the T-shirt, too.
caren and co wrote:
looks good any cookies left and what were the favorites?