Sugar Bear

In memory of Sugar Bear March 1, 1988 to Aug 21, 2000

helenandsugar.jpg (21799 bytes)
The latest addition to our family, Sugar Bear
I have know her for 11 years, ever since she was a pup

I can help noticing her ways are similar to King Arthur (now at the Bridge)

kapose.jpg (10380 bytes)

sbpose.jpg (9262 bytes)
The King posing


Sugar Bear posing


kasleep.jpg (7543 bytes) sbsleep.jpg (7392 bytes)
King Arthur sleeping


Sugar Bear sleeping


kathrone.jpg (7718 bytes) sbthrone.jpg (5929 bytes)
King Arthur on his throne


Sugar Bear on the throne


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Adrienne Williams wrote:
I am soory about Sugar Bear. From the looks on these pictures she was a beautiful pup. I would love to have one just like her. I have always wanted me a pup like that and one day I will get me one and name her Sugar bear.



AnnaMarie and PIPPY wrote:
Dear Helen, I am so very sorry about Sugar Bear. She is now with King Arthur at the bridge but I know your heart is broken...I will pray that some time will help heal and sooth your heart. AnnaMarie
Apryl- wrote:
The King and Sugar Bear are beutiful. Sugar Bear was welcomed at the bridge by many of friends. I said a prayer for her and asked that she be taken care of. No more pain, she's whole again. She is playing, running, jumping and enjoying her new birth.
Stacy DiMeo wrote:
I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. Sugar Bear is beautiful. You sent me a beautiful card when my dog went over the bridge a couple of weeks ago, and I am grateful for that. Try to keep your spirits up. I know it isn't always easy. This is a great site. Good luck in the contest!!
Newt Nelson wrote:
You're picture are so cute and loveable
Linda Langer wrote:
I love the pictures! Yeah, King Arthur and Sugar Bear do look alike! They're cute!
Katherine & Axel wrote:
Wow, what a mime! the king must be whispering in her ear.
Val Dumire wrote:
What a beautiful Dog!!! Amazing how they mimick each other even tho one came later. Maybe Arthur is 'helping' her? Beautiful Pictures!
Andrea wrote:
This is really a good one... short enough, long enough and excellent pix
Andrea wrote:
Bonnie & Gidget & Cookie wrote:
Welcome Sugar Bear! You are just precious!
Diane Lopez wrote:
Love The Pictures! Sooooooo Cute! Especially those sleeping positions! ha ha ha ha Tor sleeps like that too!
Deborah Martin wrote:
I love the pictures it brings tears to my eyes
Bev Doyle wrote:
Nice page! I loved the photographs!