Dressing up as Xena

Why has Tinkerbell a paper bag on her head?
I had just watched a show, I don't know if you've seen it, Xena warrior princess! The show inspired me and I ran immediately to the kitchen and made Tinkerbell some armor! Do you like her costume?

Tinkerbell show she can be a toe-tally good girl

Tinkerbell in her stroller
Tinkerbell sitting in the doll stroller I always push her in. She loves it when I push her in that!

Lots of things have happened to Tinkerbell, but she is only 7 years old. While looking at the pictures, you might have noticed eye shine in only one of the eyes in a picture. That is because Tinker bell has only one eye now. She lost sight in her left eye and it was giving her pain so it was taken out. Now she became completely blind but the eye is not hurting her so she can keep it. In that picture she also wasn't blind in the right eye , we have no pictures of her blind yet. But Tinkerbell is still doing great learning the house and I am pretty sure she will do better with the hoop.

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George Stambaugh wrote:
Tinkerbell is adorable. I praise you for keeping and loving her even though she has a handicap. God Bless you. your family and especially Tinkerbell...
Jerica wrote:
You have so cute picturs of your dogs hope you make more.
amanda wrote:
i just wanted to tell you your dog is reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaal cute
celtic faerie wrote:
initially i came to this site thinking it was about the faerie, before i left i looked at pics and parts of this site. Keep up the good work !
Tinkerbell wrote:
Your site has NOTHIN to do with the real Tinkerbell!
super gril wrote:
your dog is so cute if santa dosen't give any treats to mail you some ;)
Crystal wrote:
what a cute little dog!
ashley wrote:
that is really sad your dog only has one eye but your dog is really cute !
princesseh13 wrote:
thats cute!
Nataly wrote:
You're page is cute b/c i love dogs and hope you're dog gets better!
Tiff wrote:
Um, I thought it was about tink the fairey but i guess not, oh well the page is cute anyways...
Maggie Wood wrote:
I have a white minature poodle named Gigi. She is 13 years old and is starting to form cataracs in both eyes. I'm glad that Tinkerbell is doing OK with her hoop. You are a wonderful pet owner. If Gigi eventually goes blind, I'll know who to call for help. Thanks for all your information and pictures. I'll keep checking in for new updates. Thanks.
deb coleman wrote:
Tinker will get along great with her family helping her. Bet the hoop will be a big help. Love ya
Zac, Denise and Madalyn Watson wrote:
Sounds like your dog is doing ok, We were surprised to see the blind dog hoop had never heard of one.
Jeremy Combs wrote:
I'm here, look great! Brings back memories.
Elaine Barnych wrote:
Dear Jessica, I used to work with your mom at the office, and I just wanted to let you know that I think that you are a very brave and thoughful young lady. Tinkerbell is very lucky to have you as her friend. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to many. I loved the photos!
Myk wrote:
Nice, Very nice.
Joe Fausett wrote:
Hi Jessica, Tinkerbell looks alot biger than I remember!!! I love that song Chiquitita!!! My dad has the ABBA gold cd! I love all of the songs on it!!! We just got the ABBA more gold cd last week, I love it!!!
Kathy Lindsay wrote:
Tinkerbell is ADORABLE! She is very lucky to have YOU!
Jessica wrote:
Not many people have signed my book yet so why not sign it myself!
Kaye Whitley wrote:
Your Tinkerbell will adapt very well to not being able to see. Her other senses will become more acute and you will be amazed at how well she gets along.
Becky Combs wrote:
Francie Moschenik wrote:
Keep up the good work! I wish there were more good souls out there that made the lives of our pets more successful when their hurting, just as they do for humans. Keep it up! Our little guys & girls need people like you!!