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Hi, my name is Walter Orzechowski from Burlington, Wisconsin.
My dog that went blind from SARDs, Sherlock, has died now, but I am still looking for answers to this affliction, no vets to date have the answer
I would like to hear your own theories, no matter how wacky or strange, and if you want to remain anonymous, you can.
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My dog Honey, 10 year old lab mix was diagnosed with SARDS in July of 2001 after an ERG. Our Canine Opthomalogist thought something else was at work here and after many tests, Honey was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. Interestingly enough, once treated for the Lymphoma with Chemotherapy and Honey was considered to be in a complete remission, HER SIGHT RETURNED! The hospital wanted to do many more tests on Honey as this has reportedly never happened before, and has also never been tied to Lymphoma in dogs - but it has in humans. I opted to not put our beloved Honey Dog through any more testing and was just thankful for the return of her sight and the remission of her cancer. Unfortunately, Honey's sight is gone again (she lost it again in mid-May), so of course I am dreading that her cancer will return shortly. Last year she was blind for about a month before the cancer showed up in her blood work and node aspirate biopsies. For now, her Oncologist says she's in the best physical shape that he's seen her in, so we just wait. She also contracted Lyme Disease at a VERY young age. My husband rescued her at 6 months from a brutal home who neglected to vaccinate her against this terrible disease. My theories about SARDS are related to blood counts. When Honey's counts were back to normal she began to see again. Logic says that perhaps her retinas were "dried up" so to speak, and were saved last year before too much damage was done. Now I'm not so sure since her counts are good, yet she is blind again.
-Alison Watson
Stafford Springs, CT
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My dog was sick with flu like symptoms. I took him to the vet. He gave him an anti-biotic. It then went to his nose and head, they put him on another anti-biotic. He went blind after the second visit and they diagnosed it as SARDS after we had a ERG done on him. The vet did put him on a Purina prescription OV diet after the first visit. I am concerned about the medicine being the cause. Now you make me wonder about the food. Please let me hear from you.
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(5/26/01 11:56:13 am)
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I have two cockers, brothers who are almost 9 years old. One has been diagnosed with SARDS - the overnight blindness, weight gain, etc. This followed urinary tract infections in both dogs. They were switched a month ago to Hills Prescription Diet c/d dog food. Now the other dog (without SARDS) is losing weight and has diarrhea. Do you think there could be any connection to this dog food?








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