What can go wrong with a hoop?

Dave forgot to send instructions and I think maybe I misunderstood

Give that back, it's mine

Somehow this doesn't seem to work

Ah, that is more like it

Willie does a bat impersonation

A family picture of my girls plus 'Stache (who died last year, a Cornish Rex, yes an English cat, who thought he was a dog, the greatest cat ever) sitting in front of a postcard tree with, of course, dachshund postcards. I also collect functional dachshund items, things like bottle openers and banks and letter openers and pens and bookends and combs and anything in the shape of a dachshund that can be used to do something else. I have many regular dachshund figurines too but I get them by default. I have twenty-two different sets of knife rests that I set up on the back of my baby grand piano in battle formation. Obsessional? Only a little. Most people go to church on Sunday. I go to flea markets. Oh yes, I must have been stopped forty times today at the Georgetown flea market, a tiny flea/antique market held each Sunday in decent weather, and asked the purpose of the vest-hoop. "Why the halo? She's an angel. No, it's really because...."

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June wrote:
What well behaved pooches they are!
Lou Brown wrote:
How is Willie's mom doing?
aro wrote:
Helps to have a sense of humor when raising a blind dog!
Peggy Hyde wrote:
Willie & Roxanne are quite the models! I think they are great!
Katherine Stefanko wrote:
Adorable photos!!!
Jenney Vinnick-Gould wrote:
Oh my gosh...just too cute!!!
Leslie wrote:
Our dachsies walk out of their winter sweaters, yours walks out of her halo. I guess short legs do it every time!
monique miette wrote:
c est chouette ta page et de les voir heureux sur de bien beaux tapis . a bientot carole chez nous
Shani Kennedy wrote:
Cute page :o)
Trevor and Sylvaine wrote:
Bravo! Nice page, looking forward to hunting for collectibles with you in Paris. A bientôt.
Pepe wrote:
I will make sure my dad sends instructions next time, he is a naughty daddy