Dozer and Cash's page!

Welcome to all of our friends and everyone else who visits here!
We want to show you how 2 blind dogs live and interact with each other.
Being blind at our house is NOT a disability it's just a fact of life.
We as you can see are just like other dogs.
Being blind to us only means extra hugs, kisses and touches.
We were both born blind.
Dozer is blind from an infection before his eyes opened.
Cash is blind from premature birth and being stepped on by his doggie mom.
Come look and see us and see how loved we really are!

saddle.jpg (20357 bytes)
Hi I'm dozer, the silly one


lapdog.jpg (17894 bytes)
I'm cash the new kid, with my new nieces


gooddog.jpg (20494 bytes)
Dozer and Cash stealing pets and hugs from Uncle Pat and Jennifer


timeout.jpg (11589 bytes)
This is us playing like good boys


sharing.jpg (13368 bytes)
We always share


nap.jpg (12586 bytes)
This is us at the end of our long day

And that is us.
We 2 boys are glad you visited us here.
Please look at the other pages with all of our great blind friends here in Pepe's village.

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Joe Fausett wrote:
Their so cute!!!
Brenda, Aurie, Tanza, Bubbalouie & Lily (Anderson) wrote:
Great dogs!
Bonnie, Gidget & Cookie wrote:
Such handsome boys and cute pics! Thanks for sharing.
Kathy and the Hugmes wrote:
You guys are big but play nice together. Great life!!!
Eunice and Sunshine wrote:
What a handsome pair!!! (Pepe and Bruce you have some competition now...) Thank you for sharing your earlier stories.
Edna Swift wrote:
Now- those are two great looking boys.
Ruth Hixon & Bitty wrote:
This is one of the great stories of rescue and you two boys are just beautiful. Here's toa long and happy life together.
Mark & Barney (dd dx 2/00 - blind 6/00) wrote:
Great pictures! Give em both a pet & scratch behind the ears.
Sally, Nuggett & Harvey wrote:
What special furkids you have and how lucky they are to have a mom like you!!
Jody Foote wrote:
It is wonderful to see these two. You must be so proud. They are very special.